The TriCapital Difference

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Who we are
TriCapital is a wealth management firm focused on developing and managing a lifetime retirement income stream for our clients. We specialize in working with retirees or those contemplating retirement, individuals and families involved in an inheritance or other wealth transfer event, and people negotiating their way through a divorce or the loss of a spouse. We understand you and we believe in a very simple philosophy: always put our clients’ interests above everything else.
Our focus on the client goal of lifetime retirement income

At TriCapital, our main job is helping our clients’ money outlive them. One important tool we use to measure progress toward this goal is our proprietary Retirement Funding Score (RFS®), a unique way to calculate and communicate the degree to which progress is being made toward developing a lifetime income. Our RFS® is so unique that it is federally trademarked. 

Our clients are free to pursue their dreams
We believe our clients appreciate and value our commitment to integrity and our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with each of them based on a high level of trust and integrity. Our considerable experience, professional knowledge and continuous fiduciary oversight enables us to create personalized financial solutions for our clients, giving them a sense of confidence in their financial future. In short, our goal is to help take the worry out of managing our clients’ financial matters so they can enjoy their lives and pursue their bucket lists and greatest passions.
Our independence and development of client trust

We believe our clients’ primary need is for objective, completely unbiased advice they can trust is always in their best interest. In order to eliminate all possible conflicts of interest, we have chosen to operate as an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm with a commitment to offering advice that is only in the best interest of our clients.


Our long-term relationships with clients
We are passionate about developing long-term relationships with our clients. The needs of our clients are always placed above all other considerations.
Our commitment to client service and value
Because we are focused on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, we constantly strive to find new ways we can provide added value for them. From our relationships with top accounting and legal professionals to our substantial investment in the latest technology, virtually everything we do is structured to enhance our ability to provide superior client service at a fair price so that our clients receive maximum value.
Our people
We believe that the depth of experience, training and credentials of our employees is unsurpassed. Each of our staff that participate in the development of client strategies are Certified Financial Planner ™ practitioners and have at minimum an undergraduate degree from a major university. In additional, each of our staff is required to undergo additional training annually in order to stay abreast of new developments.
"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."
Albert Einstein

Our Ideal Clients

You are a professional, career person, entrepreneur and/or a family. You are looking to build your portfolio so that your money outlives you and provides peace of mind knowing you will never run out of money.

Perhaps you were well indoctrinated in the importance of financial planning and the processes for building wealth as you were growing up. If so you hopefully already have a good head start.

Then again, maybe building wealth was never a family concern and focal point and you, therefore, have not given it much thought and attention. If that is the case you have a fair amount of catching up to do.

Either way, building your wealth for a lifetime income stream is our specialty and we are right there to work with you regardless of how little or how long it takes to help you get where you want to be.

We like to work with:

  • People who are retired or who are planning for retirement and want to have a strategy for their lifetime retirement income
  • Families who are planning for a wealth event such as an inheritance or transferring wealth to other generations
  • Men and women who are going through the transition and difficult time of divorce or of having lost a spouse
  • Clients with investable assets of $500,000 and up
  • Successful professionals just beginning to build investment assets but who have high incomes and big potential to grow their net worth with the help of an advisor

Thinking Retirement

People who are retired or who are planning for retirement and want to have a strategy for their lifetime retirement income.

Family Legacies

Families who are planning for a wealth event such as an inheritance or transferring wealth to other generations.

Navigating Transitions

Men and women who are going through the transition and difficult time of divorce or of having lost a spouse.


Successful professionals just beginning to build investment assets but have high incomes and big potential to grow their net worth with the help of an advisor.

Your Experience

As a client of TriCapital, you can expect to receive lots of individual attention and support on a continuous basis. We are passionate about building long-term client relationships based on trust which we strive to earn by showing that your needs, your concerns and your goals are paramount to us. To do this, we follow a step-by-step process that becomes the foundation for your financial success.
As the fiduciary responsible for your financial assets, we are dedicated to acting in your best interest when making recommendations regarding your savings and investment strategies. That includes making sure your investments are allocated appropriately for your personal risk tolerance and financial stage of life, with the overriding goal of helping provide an income stream that outlives you.

We engage in financial planning for every client prior to making investment decisions, feeling that to do otherwise is like a doctor writing a prescription without an examination and diagnosis.

We will help you to refine your dreams into actionable goals and create a strategy to pursue those goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our proprietary RFS® (Retirement Funding Score) shows at a glance the progress you have made toward achieving an income stream that will outlive you.


A crucial part of any financial plan is to review progress toward your goals on a regular basis. We are committed to meeting with you as often as you need to make sure your investment strategy and financial plan are still working for you and to change what is not.

This typically results in semi-annual financial reviews, but we are available any time you need us. We prepare a review package that shows both summary and detailed analyses, and we discuss that with you in detail. Our proprietary RFS® (Retirement Funding Score) is updated and discussed at each review meeting.

Even the best intentions can often go awry when beneficiary designations become outdated or obsolete. We will review your beneficiary information and estate distribution plan with you frequently and discuss with your estate attorney if needed.
We provide clients with frequent analysis and our take on developments in the financial world, including economic and political forces that affect the financial markets.

We are always accessible to you to help with any question or issue you may have regarding your financial matters. We will also reach out to you proactively anytime contact is warranted, or even just to say hello.

To further our relationship with our clients, we offer educational seminars and client events. These activities allow us to get to know one another outside our regular office meetings and develop a deeper relationship.

We strive to ensure our fees are transparent, competitive, and fair. We believe investment management fees charged as a percentage of assets under management is the most appropriate method of charging since it aligns our interests with yours perfectly – if your accounts grow and you prosper, we prosper. Likewise, if your accounts decline we are in the same boat with you. We charge financial planning and consultation fees when warranted. You will always know what fees to anticipate and have an opportunity to approve them in advance.

Our Fees

TriCapital chooses to be compensated primarily through fees, which enables us to serve you without bias toward any product or investment. Our minimum annual fee is $5,000 for ongoing financial planning and investment management. We also offer other compensation arrangements such as an annual retainer for planning-only engagements or whenever a particular client situation calls for it. Financial planning and investment management services carry no specific term and can be terminated at any time. However, all client engagements are entered into with the expectation of developing a long-term relationship.

* FEE DISCLOSURE: Additional compensation may apply in the form of commissions for purchase of individual stocks, bonds and through service fees (12-b-1) for mutual fund transactions. Fees, charges and expenses are detailed in TriCapital Wealth Management, Inc.'s ADV Part 2A Item 5.


Let's Schedule a Discovery Call

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to learn about your goals and see if our services are right for you. Come in for a cup of coffee and a second opinion – both are free. 

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