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TriCapital Wealth Management Celebrates a Milestone: 25 Years of Serving Clients

Picture of Randall E. White

Randall E. White

TriCapital Wealth Management is excited to celebrate 25 years in business, helping clients build wealth for life.

The TriCapital Wealth Management team is excited to announce the firm’s 25th Anniversary! Founded on a simple premise, and with a commitment to excellence, they have been gratified to serve clients in Charlotte and the surrounding area since 1999.

“We chose the name TriCapital 25 years ago because we operate on the premise that each person’s finances should be divided into three categories: Lifestyle Capital, Community Capital, and Legacy Capital,” explains president and founder Randy White. “All three categories deserve customized attention to help each client identify priorities, achieve goals, and turn dreams into reality.”

With a commitment to always bring fresh insight and trusted experience to help clients build wealth for life, TriCapital Wealth Management provides clients with customized solutions in a setting that places relationships above all else. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, the TriCapital team upholds a fiduciary responsibility to work solely in each client’s best interests.

“In forming TriCapital Wealth Management, a foundational element was to be fully independent and free of any biases that may come with narrow expertise or handling only certain products,” White says. “TriCapital has been an independent fiduciary since the day the doors opened, and this gives our clients confidence that their customized wealth management plans will be successful.”

Alongside an experienced and highly trained team, White offers retirement planning, wealth management, investment management, and transition planning. You can learn more about TriCapital Wealth Management’s comprehensive services here.

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