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AS AN EXECUTIVE, LONG DESERVING OF YOUR NEW PROMOTION, THERE IS MUCH TO BE CELEBRATED. Years of hard work have paid off and you have been recognized for your hard work. Bonus – the pay and benefits have changed for the better…by a lot. There can be a temptation to

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ANYBODY WHO READS THE HEADLINES KNOWS BY NOW THAT THE MARKETS HAVE HAD A WILD COUPLE OF WEEKS, AND THE S&P 500 IS DOWN TWO WEEKS IN A ROW. Having said that, the S&P 500 is down only 3.54% from it’s all-time high. In the bigger picture, this is a

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CHANCES ARE THAT YOU KNOW THAT THE SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND IS DUE TO RUN OUT OF MONEY—OR “DEPLETE ITS RESERVES” AS ECONOMISTS PUT IT—BY THE YEAR 2035. The actual time frame depends on some forecasts, including economic growth, the number of workers who remain in the workforce and the

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THE BEST WAY TO GET AHEAD IN THE WORLD IS THROUGH HARD WORK, DILIGENCE, SWEAT, AND TOIL. RIGHT? A recent article based on interviews with top-flight athletes shows that the workaholic mindset is generally not a feature of top performers. The article found that working long hours tends to put

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How to make sense out of the recent market behavior? We experienced a painful decline in the last month of 2018 before the markets took a sharp (and unexpected) about-face and delivered the biggest one-quarter gain since the third quarter of 2009. The surprise upward trend has continued through the

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You already know that the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is in financial trouble. The country has issued roughly $120 billion more in municipal bonds and cannot now pay the interest much less the principal. The bonds were sold through brokerage firms to lay investors and mutual funds, and they


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