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Retired or Planning Retirement? | RFS

Have you worked for many years, saved significant assets and are now faced with some of the biggest decisions of your life? Retirement income planning, pension distribution and rollover options are just some of the topics which you may face.

  • When to retire?
  • How much income will you need to live on?
  • Will you run out of money?
  • What amount of assets are necessary to produce the retirement income you need?
  • Will you pay lots of tax?
  • How do you make the best Social Security and healthcare decisions?
  • How will healthcare coverage and medical issues impact your retirement?
  • Do you need long-term care insurance?
  • How will taxes impact your future income?

If you have these and other questions, we can help you be confident your long term financial plan will be effective so you can live your bucket list.

We specialize in helping to build income streams for our retired clients, and have developed a retirement planning tool so unique that it has a United States Trademark pending.

Our RFS tool (Retirement Funding Score) is a unique calculation that measures and illustrates a simple picture of the degree to which your retirement assets will support the income need you will have in retirement.

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