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The TriCapital Process

When you come to TriCapital Wealth Management, Inc., our commitment is to first find out about you: your needs, your concerns and your goals. We employ a simple but effective step-by-step process that becomes the foundation for successful planning.

Step One: The Right Fit
We begin with an exploratory meeting, at which we mutually figure out if we are the right firm for you. Can we help you reach your goals? If the answer is yes, we’ll take the next step.

Step Two: Focusing on You
The next step is to deepen our understanding of you.  We collect a lot of data. We ask a lot of questions, and listen to your answers. We do this so that we can understand you and adapt our processes to your unique needs. Unlike other firms, we don`t take a "canned" approach that produces a meaningless plan consisting of simplistic reports that never seem to adequately address your situation. Our Wealth Management Process enables us to efficiently gather the information we need to tailor a financial and investment plan that becomes the foundation for successful planning. 

Step Three: Managing Your Wealth Wisely
Having mapped out a detailed financial planning strategy, we now have the basis for forming a prudent, long-term investment plan.  Rather than focusing on the hottest investment or the latest investment fad, our focus is on developing an investment plan that reflects your needs and goals and is geared toward making sure you never run out of money.  We believe in minimizing investment risk through diversification while taking advantage of potential long-term growth opportunities. 

Detailed investment reports keep you informed of the performance and progress of your overall investment plan toward your own goals.

Step Four: Measuring Your Progress | RFS
Financial planning is not a one-time event – it is a lifelong process.  Investment plans do not remain static and must be updated periodically to adapt to the ever-changing opportunities, and risks, in the investment markets.  At TriCapital, we view the relationship that we develop with you over time and the periodic reviewing and management of your wealth to be as important as the initial work we do.  We are committed to being your financial partner.  This means we are available at any time – we return calls and emails promptly and we are responsive to your needs and requests. 

Review meetings are held at least semi-annually, more often if needed.  Financial and investment plans are updated during those reviews to measure the progress you are making toward your goals.

While our focus is on your specific goals, we also measure your progress toward achieving, and maintaining, financial independence using our proprietary RFS tool (Retirement Funding Score). The RFS shows you where you are now and your rate of progress toward the day when you have the comfort of knowing that the resources you have accumulated will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire.

As financial and investment advisors, we are grateful for the part we play in helping enhance our client’s financial success, the quality of their life and their legacy.  We look forward to the opportunity of exploring how we might be of help to you by becoming your financial partner.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you!