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Our Ideal Clients

You are a professional, career person, entrepreneur and/or a family. You are looking to build your portfolio so that your money outlives you and provides peace of mind knowing you will never run out of money.

Perhaps you were well indoctrinated in the importance of financial planning and the processes for building wealth as you were growing up. If so you hopefully already have a good head start.

Then again, maybe building wealth was never a family concern and focal point and you therefore have not given it much thought and attention. If that is the case you have a fair amount of catching up to do.

Either way, building your wealth for a life-time income stream is our specialty and we are right there to work with you regardless of how little or how long it takes to help you get where you want to be.

We like to work with:

  • People who are retired or who are planning for retirement and want to have a strategy for their lifetime retirement income
  • Families who are planning for a wealth event such as an inheritance or transferring wealth to other generations
  • Men and women who are going through the transition and difficult time of divorce or of having lost a spouse
  • Clients with investable assets of $500,000 and up

Our clients like to work with us because:

  • We are passionate about serving clients by creating a plan to achieve their goals and dreams
  • We offer a customized comprehensive approach to build your wealth
  • We are highly experienced and credentialed in financial planning and wealth management and our mission is to build your wealth so that your money outlives you
  • We are independent which enables us to research the marketplace for the best products and services to address our clients' needs
  • We truly care about our clients and relish the relationships we build with them over the years
  • We work hard to earn your trust and confidence and ALWAYS act in our client’s best interest
  • We are accessible and respond quickly to your requests and needs
  • Our commitment to client service and value is unsurpassed

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you!