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Estate Planning

No matter how large or modest your estate, the old saying “you can’t take it with you when you die” is what Estate Planning is all about.  The goal is to control how your money is distributed to your beneficiaries and to ensure that takes place in the most effective, tax efficient and least expensive way.  We can help.

Maximize wealth now and in the future

At TriCapital, we will help you develop and implement plans to ensure your estate is distributed in exactly the way you want, and taking into account income, gift and estate taxes to make sure your wealth is maximized for your family.  While we do not provide legal services, we can help advise you in estate matters such as:

  • Creating a will
  • Limiting estate taxes by using trusts or other devices
  • Naming guardians for minors
  • Naming an executor of your estate to oversee its implementation
  • Creating and updating beneficiaries on plans such as life insurance, IRA’s, and other retirement accounts
  • Establishing a durable power of attorney to act in place of you if needed
  • Setting up advance directives to express your end of life wishes
  • Communicating your financial status and estate plan to your loved ones

Every estate plan is unique and we at TriCapital strive to ensure it is put together in exactly the way you want.

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