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Client Service Experience

As our client, you can expect to receive individual attention and support on a continuous basis:

  • Investment Management
    As the fiduciary responsible for your financial assets, we are dedicated to acting in your best interest when making recommendations regarding your savings and investment strategies.

    That includes making sure your investments are allocated appropriately for your personal risk tolerance and financial stage of life, with the overriding goal of helping provide an income stream that outlives you.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
    We engage in financial planning for every client prior to making investment decisions, feeling that to do otherwise is like a doctor writing a prescription without an examination and diagnosis.

    We will help you to refine your dreams into actionable goals and create a strategy to pursue those goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our proprietary RFS (Retirement Funding Score) shows at a glance the progress you have made toward achieving an income stream that will outlive you.

  • Financial Reviews
    A crucial part of any financial plan is to review progress toward your goals on a regular basis. We are committed to meeting with you as often as you need to make sure your investment strategy and financial plan are still working for you and to change what is not.

    This typically results in semi-annual financial reviews, but we are available any time you need us. We prepare a review package that shows both summary and detailed analyses, and we discuss that with you in detail. Our proprietary RFS (Retirement Funding Score) is updated and discussed at each review meeting.

  • Frequent Phone and Email Contact
    We are always accessible to you to help with any question or issue you may have regarding your financial matters. We will also reach out to you proactively anytime contact is warranted, or even just to say hello.

  • Newsletters, Market Analysis and Financial Commentary
    We provide clients with frequent analysis and our take on developments in the financial world, including economic and political forces that affect the financial markets.

  • Beneficiaries and Estate Plan Reviewed Frequently
    Even the best intentions can often go awry when beneficiary designations become outdated or obsolete. We will review your beneficiary information and estate distribution plan with you frequently and discuss with your estate attorney if needed.

  • Educational Seminars & Client Events
    To further our relationship with our clients, we offer educational seminars and client events. These activities allow us to get to know one another outside our regular office meetings and develop a deeper relationship.

  • Compensation
    We strive to ensure our fees are transparent, competitive, and fair. We believe investment management fees charged as a percentage of assets under management is the most appropriate method of charging since it aligns our interests with yours perfectly – if your accounts grow and you prosper, we prosper. Likewise, if your accounts decline we are in the same boat with you. We charge financial planning and consultation fees when warranted. You will always know what fees to anticipate and have an opportunity to approve them in advance.